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I work for an equitable future.

Shayler Richmond Barnes Jr.


Founder of Rich Mag Digital, a media company focused on telling timeless, diverse, and enriching stories; Rich Publishing Studio, a publishing company elevating the voices of authors through dedicated service and enriching connections; and two nonprofit organizations: Rich Reaches Out and Black Media Association.

A culture strategist dedicated to true and authentic storytelling. Through his writing and other works, he explores personal and interpersonal connections—focused on marginalized identities to advance socioeconomic equity and build strong communities. Shayler began his journey in storytelling at Eastern Michigan University as a reporter, writer, and editor for the university publication.


He went on to gain a degree in journalism and marketing, become an advocate, and sharpen his research skills and business acumen while continuing to further address diverse social issues and promote social welfare. He gained a master’s degree in public administration from North Carolina Central University, diversified his research skills, and began direct service work. Currently, he is pursuing a law degree at the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law.

With his deep respect for culture and intersectionality, he pushes the boundaries to create a world where all people feel seen, supported, and protected.

Shayler is a natural leader who intentionally channels his passion for equity into everything he does to directly bring about positive systemic change. He has worked on-air for radio and television, co-hosts #RichTalk, a podcast—and continues to organize, advocate, and strategize. 


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