I work for an equitable future.

Founder of Rich Mag Digital, a media company focused on telling timeless, diverse, and enriching stories. He also founded two nonprofit organizations: Rich Reaches Out and Black Media Association.

A culture strategist dedicated to true and authentic storytelling; he explores personal and interpersonal connections — focused on marginalized identities to advance socioeconomic equity and build strong communities.

Shayler began his journey in storytelling at Eastern Michigan University as a reporter, writer, and editor for the university publication. He graduated with a degree in journalism and marketing and is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in public administration.

With his deep respect for culture and intersectionality, he pushes the boundaries to create a world where all people feel seen, supported, and protected.

A natural leader who intentionally channels his passion for equity into his writing to bring about positive change. He has worked on-air for radio and television, and continues to produce, program, and organize. 

- Shayler Richmond Barnes Jr.


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