Journalist - Media Producer - Organizer


Shayler Richmond Barnes Jr.

Shayler began his journey in storytelling  at Eastern Michigan University as a reporter, writer, and editor for the University publication then graduated with a degree in journalism and marketing.


His work is dedicated to true and authentic storytelling; focused on marginalized identities and art; exploring personal and interpersonal connections, as well as social and economic equity; while promoting growth, strong community and emotional well-being. 

With his deep respect for culture and intersectionality he pushes the boundaries in all avenues of media to tell stories that matter.


A natural multimedia professional, intentionally channeling his passion for writing and love for broadcasting. Working on-air for radio and television, as well as behind the scenes to produce and program. 


Originally born in Wayne, Michigan. He has  since moved around Michigan, where he continues to grow and actively works to positively impact his community. 


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