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Designer and model Koryn Nicole is the girl on fire

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

Koryn Smith is transforming more than the world of science, she's promoting a message of unity through modeling and her clothing brand EVRYBDYEATS.

“I really want to do something for the people. I want to serve. What better way to do something I love and serve others as well,” said Smith

She is a strong supporter of her own family and carries those same values into her brand. Her primary goal is to continue pushing colectivness and development, which is where the name EVRYBDYEATS orginated. The brand and message were birthed through her unified mentality.

Koryn’s creative threshold expanded when she was scouted by Derek Jerome to model in her first shoot.

“My first shoot was amazing. I looked at the shots and couldn't believe I had done that. Growing up I always knew I had a unique sense of style, but actually seeing myself behind the camera of someone else was a wow moment,” said Koryn.

This kickstart shifted her creative trajectory because since then she hasn't slowed down. From there she began to believe her time is now to show the world what she is capable of, and she isn't aiming for validation!

Her goal is to inspire others with the collective message promoted through her brand.

“My brand is not focused on making money during early stages of devlopment because I'm confident money will come. I’m investing a lot in myself right now. I’ve sacrificed relationships, money, friendships, and a lot of other opportunities to invest in myself,” said Koryn.

She recalls knowing early on that she was special and that motivated her to be self-driven and think independently.

“We tend to rely on other people to invest in us but in all reality, you have to do what you want. If you want to be a creative then you are going to have to invest in yourself, which can’t be taken lightly. If you want it then you have to get it,” said Koryn.   @evrybdyeatsapparel @koryn.nicole


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