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If you’re a writer then write.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

by Shayler Richmond

Balancing pursuing your passion and survival takes focus.

I’ve gone four months without publishing an article.

I made time to develop content while in school, but since graduating April, 2019 I haven’t published anything.

I used my time effectively in undergrad, utilizing my my proximity to the wealth of knowledge the tightly knit network college campuses provide, and because I foresaw the ticking of the loan deferment clock.

Life is expensive, especially living as a Black man in America. Under the weight of being a Black man it often feels there is no time to breathe. However, every identity, demographic and person must navigate their own growth through the systemic layers that restrict our upward mobility.

Existing is expensive and achieving your dreams is even more costly. 

How many of us get the chance to do what we love?

To achieve your dreams we must move with intention and power. Learn yourself, learn your craft and build a foundation; structure your life from the ground up in a way that will house your dreams, no matter how big they are. Understanding how to harness your power is the process.

Do the work. 

If you’re a writer then write.

If you’re an artist then create art.

If you're a (fill in the blank) then (fill in corresponding verb).

Life is constant, but timing and balance are everything. Your timing is your timing. 

Stepping into your purpose is a decision that requires consistency to actualize. Neither deciding nor actualizing is easy or simple, but showing up is half the battle; consistently deciding to show up for yourself and step into your purpose.

You’re built for this.

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