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Clothing designer and director Marlon Freeman keeps his content fresh

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

Music lover turned clothing designer turned videographer turned director, Marlon Freeman is a creative to watch because he never wants to bore his audience.

“I want to leave a mark. I want to somehow change or help others around me and inspire other people to do what they want to do in life,” said Freeman.

Maron Freeman is 1/4 of the Mental B.A.$.$. (Believe Achieve Strive Succeed) Company a clothing brand born in Cleveland, Ohio that he and his friend Alphonzo started 6 years ago. He is also the creater of his own production company titled Pariah Films.

His favorite place to create is his room where he can find peace and quiet, and his main aspiration is to grow as a director.

“I have learned a lot in the classroom, but I have learned more experimenting being hands on and trying different forms of creativity,” said Marlon.

He fell in love when he saw the backstage of a tv show and how everything comes togehter with the people and equipment. He enjoys the creativity of different elements such as actors, actresses, directors and the production team coming together.

Post production is his favorite point in production because it is where he can make sure everything ines up with how he wasnts to tell the story, and create the story the best way he can.

“In order to stay true to yourself you have to develop your own platform and stay in your own creative lane instead of riding the wave,” said Marlon.

Freeman was the mixtape man in 7th and 8th grade making mixtapes off a CD burner and selling them. Today Freeman has a goal of creating a platform for music artist. He Believes in giving artist a spotlight because music has a special place in his life. He gives people chances when it comes to music. He loves music. If it’s good, he’ll listen to it.

He said one of the hardest struggles of being a creative is having so many ideas and no finances to put those plans in motion. Therefore, he prefers to keep his ideas to himself until he can put his passion, time and finances behind them.

“I have struggled with prioritizing which set me back a few times because I have ideas that I could have started that I haven’t because of finances or the time for it,” said Marlon.

He currently is working on producing some short films and other videography.

“Everybody wants to get good at what they do, and have people support them, so do I. I want to leave people with something positive they can take away from what I create,” said Marlon.


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