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Clothing designer Maleek Thomas claims his Crwn

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

Michigan native clothing designer Maleek Thomas is the creater and designer of The Crwn Collection; a brand that pulls from military inspiration to create a style that translates into contemporary streetwear.

Maleek in Arabic means "King."For his brand he dropped the o in Crwn to create a more unorthodox aesthetic and the logo was created to be symbolic of the race to win. He spent much time teaching himself and pulling each part of design together; the flags represent the act of racing and the text reads “Vici,” which is Latin for conquer.

Crwn is a lifestyle inspired by everyday people creating their own lane of success. Since adolescents music videos and magazines have always been a source of inspiration for him. After his growth over the past six months he has set a goal to continue elevating his brand.

“We are really here to take over the world. The world is ours, so we’re taking it from whoever thinks they have it,” said Maleek.

To Rihanna’s navy is The Crwn Collection’s rebels.

“A rebel is anyone chasing their dreams, building toward something or working toward their goals and shops The Crwn Collection,” said Maleek. “There is a war at hand and the rebels can’t lose.”

Around his 21st birthday he began to shy away from the orthodox route because he couldn't relate. The Crwn Collection was created for others like him taking the unorthodox route to achieve sucsess.

“Realistically the world is too big for one person and we must share it, so when I’m referring to the world is ours I’m referring to the rebels as a collective,” said Maleek.

This past summer he sat down and taught himself design elements to remove additional constraints from the growth of his brand. He is currently studying finance and working as a financial analyst intern. His finance background has helped him manage some difficulties of entrepreneurship.

“Development is every day. I never feel like your brand stops developing,” said Maleek.

Support for any creative or entrepreneur is important. Thomas expressed gratitude for his customers that consistently call after the announcement of new merchandise. The Crwn Collection has begun to form a base of rebels that support the brand and message.

“Knowing there are people that will support me as long as I continue to take my craft serious is the real motivation. That’s why I can’t give up because who knows what would have been to come,” said Maleek.



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