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“Insecure,” season 3 gains Miles Stroter

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

Actor, singer and writer, Miles Stroter, talks authenticity, creativity, and inspiring the world around him, through his persistent smile and resilient artistry.

Miles Stroter is taking his acting career to the next level; “The Game,” “The Quad,” and now Season 3 of “Insecure.” 6ft 8in, Morehouse man, went from being on a full scholarship playing college football to graduating college and becoming a triple threat off the field.

Self-taught actor, Stroter, credits learning how to act from growing up watching some of the greats: Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Martin.

In Season 3 Issa Rae’s character meets Stroter’s character at her new job. He accounts working with Rae as being euphoric, and her filling the Insecure set with contagious good energy, as they sung R&B hits into the night.

Insecure gives Stroter an opportunity to show off his vibrant sense of humor.

“Be you and you can’t go wrong. I believe God shows favor to those that remain true to themself. Whatever career field you are going into; whatever your passion is; do it and remain one hundred percent you, and I believe you’ll succeed,” said Stroter.

Season 3 premieres, Sunday, Aug. 2018 at 10:30 p.m..

In addition to acting, Stroter hasn’t let football completely leave his life; though he is busy writing and singing, he remains a family man at heart.

“You don’t have to be defined by one thing. I’m not entertained by what’s offered. I’m offering something different to a different demographic of people. You don’t have to limit yourself by saying you want to be this, “one thing”. I’m a pretty funny guy, but I’m really versatile,” said Stroter.

He expressed his excitement for the increased creation and opportunities for Black art. He compared the surge in Black art to a refueled Harlem Renaissance.

“It’s important. It’s huge. And it’s here,” said Stroter.

“I know the power of music; I know the power of vibrations; I know the power of movies; I know the power of art; and I’m responsible with my power because entertainment helps shape the future,” he continued.

Stroter is helping to shape the future on the big screen as well; he recently wrote a movie titled, “Karma,” which he submitted to the Midwest Independent Film Festival.

“Karma,” is a story about the black kid from Chicago that may or may not make your everyday news. The story takes a turn, and the kid gets shot by the police. The film takes the viewer down an emotional pull of perspectives and challenges the question of right versus wrong.

Follow @KarmaMovieChi for behind the scenes videos and brief character biographies. The anticipated premiere date is March 2019.

Stroter creates art because he hopes to inspire people to be more accountable to themselves. He believes the biggest positive change will be achieved through changing ourselves rather than blaming others.

“I want to get back to us being royalty. I want to be draped in gold. I don’t have an American dream I have a worldly dream, and I believe we can get back to being royalty through redefining the norm,” said Stroter.

His charismatic charm and smile reflects his constant spirit of gratitude.

“I want to make a lot of people happy with my art. I make feel good music and I make feel good art. I want to change the energy around the earth. I want everybody to be happy and we do that with art,” said Stroter.

Stroter was grateful to interview with the Shayler Richmond blog, but the pleasure was all mine. We shared in the importance of creating opportunities and helping other people from adverse backgrounds that are working to inspire the world.

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