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Kristianna is giving music her all

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

By Shayler Richmond

Singer, song-writer and performer Kristianna, sits down with Shayler Richmond to discuss her newly debuted project, "Too Late to Be Sorry," her growth as an artist and her band, Kristianna and The Daynites.

Kristianna has been writing music for six years. Inspired by real life experiences that she and others relate to.

She released her first single while still in college titled "Color Blind." "Color Blind," was released in 2014 a time she recalls her and some of her peers feeling lost.

Performing and writing music is therapeutic for Krisitanna. Her first single was for anyone that has every felt lost sometimes, especially those dealing with racial identity.

Not only has she grown technically as an artist since her music debut, for this time project she unsealed another layer of vulnerability for her audience.

"The EP was about the evolution of a breakup," said Krisitanna. "It was about a couple people not just one, so no one should be flattered," she continued.

The venue packed out for the listening party for her new project, and everyone vibed out and even began chanting "Kristianna," as she sung selections from the track-list live.

Kristianna,"Too Late to Be Sorry," listening party. Stage design by Mega Melanin.

"I was writing it really for myself, but I knew that people were going to be able to relate because almost everybody has gone through a heartbreak, knows how it feels, and almost everybody has gotten over a heartbreak and moved on," said Kristianna.

In addition to her solo career, two years ago Kristianna joined a band named The Daynites, now titled Kristianna & The Daynites. The band performs live music. Kristianna & The Daynites began performing covers but more recently have begun producing original tracks.

Kristianna & The Daynites

"I just want everyone in the world to hear my music, and our music. There's nothing in the world I'd rather be doing," said Kristianna. "I don't hold back. If I have something to say I'm going to say it, and it's all love," she continued.

Follow Krisitanna @K_ristianna

Follow The Daynites @TheDaynites

The interview and rehearsal took place at Grove Studios in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


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