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"Queen & Slim" bends our world

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

Queen & Slim is a film produced by two Black women for us, by us.

Melina Matsoukas, the director of Queen & Slim and Lena Waithe, the screen writer, sat down for an interview in Brooklyn, NY after the prescreening of their film. This is the debut full-length film for both of them.

Melina Matsoukas (left) and Lena Waithe (right)

"We hope you enjoy it, we hope you laugh, you cry, and you do all the things in between," said Melina Matsoukas.

Queen & Slim is a captivating story that begins with a newly acquainted Black woman and Black man then expands and evolves along their journey after they kill a police officer and flee the scene.

"I wrote this script with an understanding that Black people live in a constant space between freedom and captivity," said Lena Waithe.

Melina Matsoukas (left) and Lena Waithe (right)

Queen and Slim personify the Black experience for Americans. The characters embody Black oppression, police brutality, Black trauma, resistance and revolution.

A dope story with an equally dope soundtrack featuring artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, 6lack, Vince Staples, EarthGang, Lil Baby, Burna Boy, Lauryn Hill and more.

"It's everything; it's fantasy; it's reality; it's part documentary; it's political. It's extremely authentic and it's Black as fuck. Hopefully it causes conversation and pushes culture forward," said Melina Matsoukas.

The film is rich in culture and context that provide humor and comfort, as well as challenges societal norms such as capitalism, identity, community, and justice.

Queen & Slim will be in theaters Nov. 27th.

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