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Regina King's reign

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

Regina King photo by Shayler Richmond

Regina King sat down with KeKe Palmer to discuss being inspired, persevering and her upcoming superhero role.

The exchange between Palmer and King was heartfelt, comical and everything in-between, like we had a seat at the table with our favorite cousin and aunt.

KeKe Palmer (left) Regina King (right) photo by Shayler Richmond

King gave inspiration.

“Push away the urge to respond to negativity with negativity. Celebrate the positivity. When you see something that inspires you dive deeper,” said King.

“You will get told no, understand you are not alone. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to someone else and expect your journey to mirror theirs. Figure out what you can do differently to win,” King continued.

She encouraged listeners to respect ourselves, respect others and respect our craft. She spoke from a place of understanding the difficulty to hear your inner voice with so much noise in the world, but encouraged creatives to find their quiet space.

“When you experience rejection those are the moments to take a moment and listen to your inner voice. Take the time to find beauty in the bruises,” said King.

Regina King is set to star in a comic book television series, “Watchmen,” on HBO. Where King plays a detective by day, and superhero by night dressed in all black, Sister Night. 

She expressed excitement for the opportunity to own this role and share this story with the world.

“You mean I’m already Black and I get to get Blacker,” she exclaimed. 

“I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long time. I’m excited to have another one of our stories told” she continued.

She shared that she was equally excited about her starring role in, “If Beale Street could talk,” by James Baldwin, for which she won her first Oscar.

Palmer and King shared a joyous moment upon realizing that Sharon Jones, the costume designer for “Watchmen,” was also the designer for, “Akeelah and the Bee.”

KeKe Palmer (left) Regina King (right) photo by Shayler Richmond

“Watchmen,” touches on some non fiction historical moments, such as the Black Wall Street Tulsa massacre in 1921.

“We have so many stories that we don’t have to do them over, we can do something now,” said King.

“Watchmen,” premieres on HBO Oct. 21st at 9 pm.

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