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Ta’Te Hinds is because we are

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

I am because we are; Ubuntu; an African proverb that describes this playmaker; Tateanna Hinds, whom is inspired by timeless Black culture, collectivism, and protecting the future of this world.

“I actively work to try and understand a lot of the problems that the world is going through, so I developed an obligation to keep the world living,” said Ta’Te.

Creatively known as Ta’Te, this creative strategist and model is on the move, and she’s bringing her community with her. She believes we only have one true job, which is to live a good life, be good, and do good. She places an emphasis on sustainability in ways that don’t burden her, but instead create solutions with everyday life applications.

“If we position ourselves with the same mindset that big businesses have then we can control a lot within our own environments and communities,” said Ta’Te.

There are people doing this grassroots work everywhere, and she’s optimistically doing her part, hoping more and more entrepreneurs and community leaders will unite to produce content that is relatable and celebrates Black people.

She began working as a professional creative in the Athletics department at the University of Michigan and served there as a Hospitality marketing intern. The machine that is Ta’Te has continued to grow; she strives to present content and produce events ingrained with culture and professionalism.

Recently working to coordinate the 3rd annual No More Parties Festival in Detroit, Michigan; a Detroit music festival, which breaks the norm for live music; a party creatively and intentionally produced to give underground artist a platform to present intimate and engaging artistry.

She’s now working with two other Black female entrepreneurs, Koryn Nicole, and Mychon Alana, to generate fashion and styling content through a medium titled, Refined Supply, which is clothing and content.

“The ability to connect with people and share stories is what drives ecommerce and commerce, and most any buyer. Media is the universal connecter,” said Ta’Te.

Being an entrepreneur whom dwells in the realm of hope, she works from a place of understanding that every business won’t have goals that directly align with her message, so she promotes positivity and works in spaces where she can critically solve problems.

“The more we create positive images and stories, the larger the frame for hope becomes. I like the autonomy of media right now because essentially anyone can create media, which opens up doors for so many people, it’s anyone's world right now,” said Ta’Te.

On the daily people absorb endless amounts of content, but how much of that content inspires you to get up and do something?

Ta’Te believes culture both defines who we are and pushes people to define themselves.

That’s what she’s working for, that’s the content she strives to produce. She finds comfortability and enjoys working most in the arts, entertainment, and music industry. She has found there is a need for more structure in this industry.

“If you’re not appealing to your target market, if they don’t care about what you’re doing, then you’re not going to see any results, because they’re spending their money elsewhere. Now more than ever you must be able to connect with your target market, or someone else will,” said Ta’Te.

She strives to reach the future business leaders of the world. The young entrepreneurs that are working to establish themselves. She wants to help entrepreneurs lay a foundation for longevity and help startup companies become established businesses that can give back and invest in their communities.

“My goal is to push a sustainable lifestyle, and develop different ways to solve problems, in a way where we can live our lives and have fun, while making this world better for now and the next generation,” said Ta’Te.

She hopes that her work and lifestyle inspire others to follow their dreams and do what they want to do with their lives. No More Parties will continue to grow, with plans to partner with Detroit Institute of Music Education and more community partners.


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