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The rebirth of clothing designer Jordan Judge

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

Clothing designer Jordan Judge, is a 23-year-old, Ypsilanti, Michigan native currently studying public relations in Florida and building her self-title brand Judge.

(She was sewing during the interview.) The main influences for the Judge brand are her mother Lori Ann Judge and grandmother, both of whom are now at rest. These women shifted the direction of her life through their support of her creativity.

Judge knew she was a creative at an early age when her grandmother taught her how to make clothes. Early on she felt her creative intellect did not translate to intelligence in traditional schooling, but her grandmother and mother brought balance to this disconnect through an emphasis on creativity.

Throughout high school and early college, her creative threshold shrunk due to opposition from other family members due to the lack of lucrative benefits typically associated with her creative pathway. Present day is her creative rebirth and the birth of Judge Official.

Her brand is edgy simplistic minimalist stylish and lax.

“Art can be essentially anything. Art is a fluid. Whatever you are creating that’s art,” said Judge. “Art is our stamp on this time. This culture. This era. So, if you want to make your mark it’s in the arts.”

She is inspired by everyday people.

“I spend my time thinking how can I serve the people because I want people to tap into their best self,” said Judge.

“Fashion is for your own creativity to actually care and have fun with what you’re doing. I don’t know how all people aren’t into fashion in some way," she continued.

This is just the beginning of her jouney. Her goal is to develop a brand that allows for women especially Black women to express them self in a justified way.

“Fashion is a white dominated field. We need to acknowledge each other first because if we aren't acknowledging each other first than nobody is going to acknowledge us, and we need to win,” said Judge. “We need to have representation so that a girl ten years from now can look up and say I can actually be a fashion designer because that girl is a fashion designer.”


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