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Rapper Spoony So Puer will never get old

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

24-year-old, East Side of Detroit native, Calvin Ellis is known by his friend as Spoon and to the rap community as Spooney SP or Spooney So Puer; Puer pronounced (pu'er) is latin for never gets old, or in latin mythology forever young.

Spoon originated as a childhood nickname, which stuck with him. His name has adapted and grown along with his artistry. He resonates with being timeless because he works to be versatile and adapt his story telling abilities to always portray different emotions through his music.

Spooney SP has found comfort in music since he could understand words. Music helps shift his focus to the bigger picture. Music is something that helps him discover more of himself and decipher what to do with his life.

“A lot of people may read books or watch movies but I always go to music. If I’m feeling any particular way I go to music. Anytime I’m trying to figure something out then I go to music,” said Spooney SP.

Creatives today are refusing to be boxed in, and Spooney SP is no different. Rap is his first love, but he also hopes to model, become a director, and write short films.

Spooney SP writes music every day and is currenyly teaching himself the ins and outs of entprenurialship to prepare himslef for growth. He is always thinking about his craft.

“I want people to feel they are living from my music because I know life is hard. I know a lot of people who have killed them self and a lot of people that are on earth but aren't really living, so I just want people to live,” said Spooney SP.

His authenticity is fearless and honest, and personally he is both humble and selfless.

“Instead of remembering the clothes that I wear or the cars that I drive. Remember my essence. Two years from now I am going to be a different me than I am rapping about now, and I want people to witness and recognize my growth,” said Spooney SP.




Writer/Director/Recording Artist & Member of MentalBassCo. 

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